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Saturday, April 04, 2009



Reading through your post, I was inclined to think your second option made the most sense and it seems you've already come to that conclusion yourself!
I can't offer any better advice that what you've been considering. I was just wondering if the wool has a kettle-dyed appearance. If so, I'd think your second option would make the differences in the skeins much less noticeable.


I didn't stripe my Tosh worsted and I can now see it in the FO but I barely noticed it while knitting. I know know, but my project was also a cardigan as is my next and its such a pain to alternate on cardigans.


I agree that the second option seems like the best - I've been tempted in similar situations to go with the third, and usually haven't been pleased with the results.

Laurie (Moo!)

Option 2 would give it an ombre'd effect. That would be nice and not look as chunked as leaving it along. The Grrrr factor in that would be high.

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