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Saturday, February 28, 2009





Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing so many details. Sounds like everything went pretty perfectly!


Love to hear all the details and glad to know that both baby and mama are happy and healthy. Sounds like you have the right attitude to the whole birth thing- I had exactly the same experience as you with my first(although she was 6 pounds). Charlotte was an early emergency C sect and with Grace there was no other options given previous pregnancy history. My only aim was to deliver healthy babies- yet I am still amazed that people offer me sympathy as I have not(in their opinion) really 'given birth"! Amazing considering that I have three beautiful girls. I am not hung up about it so can't really understand why they are. If I could have I would have but I couldn't - end of story! I am just happy and grateful that I live in an age and society where I was able to deliver them safely and survive the ordeal. Many other women are not so fortunate.
Anyway, lovely to hear that you and baby L are settling in well and you are getting a bit more sleep. Sounds as though you are being well looked after and also looking after yourself. Just remember to lie down flat on the floor whenever you can to stretch out those awful kinks.( I have horrors remembering those). You are so right - no one ever remembers to reminds you about your posture and you are so wrapped up in that all important latching and positioning that you forget until later!After a bit you don't tend to get such a sore neck and back - everything seems to relax and fall into place.
Take care and look forward to some more pics.

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