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Friday, October 10, 2008



It feels weird to comment on a pregnancy post of all things, as I'm not and never have been pregnant, but there is a maternity store in my neighborhood that I always notice. And I notice because of the cute clothes, so that sounds like maybe something you're after.
It's probably expensive considering its location and cuteness, but maybe you're looking for a splurge for you now...

NY Mag review:

their website:

Isabella Oliver


It’s the girls from Isabella Oliver here; we are so happy that you get just as excited about our maternity clothes as we do. Our signature ‘wrapping and ruching’ is designed in luxurious fabrics that will grow with you through pregnancy and beyond, which means that, luckily, you can wear post-pregnancy and even pre-pregnancy, we certainly do.

We’ve been very busy over the past few months and are excited to say that we will be launching a new ready to wear collection for Spring Summer 09. Everyone has worked extremely hard on the collection and we’re all very excited and counting down the months until the launch, we’d love you to be one of the first to know so please feel free to visit our website from time-to-time or sign up to our newsletter.

Warm Regards,
Isabella Oliver

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